Antoine Hadamard, M.D.

Dr. Antoine Hadamard is Chairman of TECHNE, LLC. He has over 40 years experience in Health Care Administration, Hospital Management, and Medical Education. He has developed innovative concepts to enhance the efficiency of Community Hospitals and Rehabilitative Services. 

Dr. Hadamard managed a 250-bed Community Hospital in Rhode Island as “Head of Medicine” for this facility. He was also a founder and principal of Ocean State Master Health Plan, which became an important competitor of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island by delivering efficient health insurance options for residents of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. This company was purchased by United Health Care and became the core foundation of United Health Care’s operations in New England. Dr. Hadamard has also founded a company that developed high efficiency Surgical Centers in New England. 

Dr. Hadamard was on the faculty of Brown University School of Medicine for over 35 years. At Brown Medical School, Dr. Hadamard developed highly effective methods for training young doctors in diagnostics. He has also developed innovative methods for simultaneous live medical education in multiple locations. This method utilizes lead instructors at the Alpha site with supporting faculty in offshore locations. 

Dr. Hadamard has experience in several Middle Eastern Countries including Saudi Arabia, the United Emirates, and the Sultanate of Oman where he has studied current medical education practices and health care delivery. He has met with leading Arabian officials including Ministers of Public Health, Medical School Academic Deans, Medical and Nursing School Department Chairs, and practicing physicians. Dr. Hadamard has had extensive discussions with independent advisors and consultants to Middle Eastern National Health Ministries on the subjects of: medical cost containment, quality patient care delivery, enhanced staff training, and health insurance policy.

Dr. Hadamard attended schools in the US and Europe, graduating from Bard College (B.A), pre-med at Columbia University, and M.D. from the University of Geneva Switzerland. He held Residencies at Kings County Hospital, New York; Fellowships at Brown University and Clinical Faculty at Brown University Medical School, Providence, Rhode Island. His private practice specialized in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine. Previously he served as Chief of Pharmaceutical Department, Chief of Internal Medicine at Kent County Hospital, Warwick, Rhode Island. He is a member of the American College of Physicians.