Robert Murdock
Senior Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee

Mr. Robert Murdock is a senior director of TECHNE, LLC and Chairman of the Company’s audit committee. Mr. Murdock started his 45-year career in education, government service, and business as a Field Registrar for LaSalle Extension University of Chicago, Illinois. LaSalle was one of the early pioneers in distance education providing post high school business and technical education by postal correspondence. Mr. Murdock’s current activities focus on bridging the gap between secondary education outcomes and the expectations of the global workplace.

As TECHNE’s Audit Committee Chairman, Mr. Murdock utilizes his extensive experience in oversight and risk management. He has held senior posts in the United States Department of Defense where he his duties included oversight of defense procurement contracts for the US DOD. He established protocols that are still utilized for the negotiation and monitoring of contract procurement awards on behalf of the US Government. 

Mr. Murdock has extensive real estate investments and experience in Real Estate Project Development in Florida and Latin America. He was a founder of a Community Bank where he advised the Chief Executive Officer on investment and risk management strategy.